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UPDATED 21st May 2018

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Today’s Neyyoor is a small town sandwiched between the picturesque Western Ghats and the blue Arabian sea, in the middle of Kanyakumari District (Cape Comorin) which is the southern most district of India and Tamil Nadu State. Today it can boast of two Higher Secondary Schools, Ms. McIlroy English Medium School, a Nursing School, a Nursing College and a Railway Station hardly a kilometre away. It has a General Hospital of great repute started in 1838, with an adjacent ‘International Cancer Centre’. All these developments are due to the visionary Rev.Charles Mead who with great difficulty acquired enough bushy forestland from generally hostile caste Hindus with the help of Mr.Raman Thambi who, though a caste Hindu was a great friend of Christian Missionaries and of early Christians. Missionary Mead then cleared the area and Neyyoor came into existence.

As the number of churches grew, the need for a Second Mission Headquarters was felt for administrative reasons and Neyyoor was chosen (1828). A church became imperative and 1829 saw the first Neyyoor Dartsmouth Chapel, which faced north. From a few homes in Rev.Mead’s time the congregation grew and by the turn of the century its extension became a dire necessity. In 1901, after closing the northern side the church building was extended towards the east and Rev. I.H. Hacker completed the structure with  the  bell-fry  in  1904, before  the  retirement  of   Rev. S. Zachariah, the first native missionary, belonging to Neyyoor.







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"But who am I, and who are my people, that we should be able to give as generously as this? Every thing comes from you, and we have given you only what comes from your hand". I Chronicles 29 :14.   .

Pastors In-charge
Senior Pastor :Dr.Rev. A R Chelliah
Asst. Pastor : Rev. G. Monicka Raj
Church worker : Mr. D. Darvin Vino


On every month First Sunday morning services. 

First Day of every month early morning at 5.00 am (Arunothaya Aarathanai)


Morning 8:00 am Evening 4.00 pm 

Wednesday -  6:45 pm

Friday 10:30am
Church Committee Members

Mr. P. Jacob Jeyakumar - Secretary
Mr. C.M. Ben Christopher - Treasurer
Mr. A. Davidson - Accountant

Mr. M. Selva Kumar
Mrs. V. Annal Jeya Malar Austin
Pulavar R. Chellappa
Mr. D. Dhanukennady Nayagam

Mrs. Geetha Lycias Joel
Mr. M. Ravindra Sekar 
Mrs. R. Mary Joice Edwin
Mr. Y. Sam Sambath Kumar
Er. S. John Leon

Choir Master : 

Mr. V. Stephen 


Choir Secretary:

Mr. J.Gnanasigamony


  • Sunday School
  • Christian Endeavour 
  • Women's Fellowship
  • Men's Fellowship
  • Church Choir
  • Everyday morning Bible class (8.00 am on working days)
  • Fasting prayer
  • All night prayer
  • Boy's prayer cell
  • Church Sports Club